The Origin of SeaCare

A Natural Dietary Supplement

What is SeaCare?

SeaCare is a fully natural product made out of marine ingredients containing sea cucumber, sea urchin, sea sponge and marine grasses, which have been harvested from the warm waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean. It works by helping to maintain a healthy immune system, which in turn boosts your natural abilities to fight health-related problems. Marine products have long been used by the Chinese, who believe that the oceans hold many of the answers to health, well-being and longevity.*

Usage Instructions


Thaw each unit prior to consuming by either leaving it at room temperature for about 20-30 minutes, or in the refrigerator for about 12 hours to thaw slowly.  SeaCare may be taken with or without food, though some find it more palatable to take it just before a meal.


When it is ready to consume, it will be a loose gel-like consistency. Because it is an all-natural product, the consistency may change depending on the harvest season of the fresh Sea Cucumbers. This is completely normal.

Storage Instructions:

SeaCare is packed in 20ml units. Each box contains 56 of these units, and should be kept as cold as possible until just prior to consumption. Keep frozen until ready to use.


Adults: take two (2) tubs daily; one (1) in the morning and one (1) at night.

Children (4 or more years of age): take one (1) tub daily; half (1/2) in the morning and half (1/2) at night or as directed by a physician.

Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw immediately before use and then consume, either directly or mixed in juice. Product is more palatable if taken just prior to a meal.

Tips & Tricks

Because it is comprised of all natural sea-life, SeaCare will have a fishy taste. This is normal. Some find it easier to consume if it is diluted in a drink, washed down with a bold-tasting juice, or mixed in with a shake.



You should call your doctor for medical advice about any serious adverse events.

Our Immune System

Our immune system is a complex network of specialized organs, glands and cells. Immunity, by definition, is a homeostatic condition in which the body maintains itself. It is a series of balanced, complex multi-cellular and physiological mechanisms that allow an individual to distinguish foreign material from “self” and to neutralize and/or eliminate the foreign matter. Unfortunately diet, stress, drugs, environmental toxins, and smoking are just some of the ways our immune system can be weakened. In order for it to avoid being compromised further by certain pathogens, we must have an optimum immune system response for a balanced, healthy life.


Because SeaCare is a natural product, produced without preservatives, it is necessary that it remains frozen during storage. We ship overnight via FedEx. It is important that you freeze your supply upon your receipt of your box to maintain the integrity of the delicate balance of ingredients.

It is completely acceptable for the product to have softened in transit. Providing that the foil seal on each cup remains intact and is not bulging, it can be re-frozen until use.